Congratulations! A new baby boy!

Circumcision of baby boys unnecessary

Doctor: He has all his fingers and toes! Sure looks healthy to me!
Mother: Let me hold him! Why dear, he has your nose.
Father: He has your hair!
Doctor: OK, well it's time to get him ready.
Father: Ready to go home?
Doctor: Well, we'll weigh and measure him, clean him up and then do his circumcision surgery. Then you can take him home.
Father: Circumcision surgery? Why? Is there something wrong?
Doctor: No, not really.
Father: Then what's the diagnosis? Why circumcision? Doesn't it hurt?
Doctor: Diagnosis? Well he is a baby boy. Almost all baby boys get circumcised. It's cleaner and it may prevent infections and cancer. Besides, he won't remember the pain, and he will have it done later anyway.



Let's get this straight. There is a doctor standing here who wants to cut your son's healthy penis! Doesn't this strike you as rather odd?

This moment just may be the crucial moment in his life where his basic human rights are about to be violated. It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain his informed consent (informed approval) of this procedure since he is a helpless infant. HE NEEDS YOUR PROTECTION from his would-be circumcisers.

He is about to have his healthy sex organ mutilated at the beginning of his life. This surgery is PERMANENT and removes healthy, normal skin, mucous membrane, nerves and blood vessels. It also removes up to 80% of the erogenous tissue of the male body and 50% or more of penile skin, and that's if there are no mistakes!

Botched Circumcisions

There have been many, many cases of botched circumcisions. Some infant boys have actually died from their wounds. There have been cases where the entire penis was accidentally removed, and cases where the entire glans (head) was accidentally severed. It is much more difficult to do a "good job" on a tiny infant penis than a fully grown one.

All circumcision tragedies could have been prevented if the healthy baby boys had been simply LEFT ALONE by their doctors. In cases of medical necessity, there are much less radical procedures that can be done to solve a problem than such an aggressive surgery as a complete foreskin amputation (circumcision).

Health Alert: Circumcised boys and flesh-eating bacteria