arguments against circumcision

The main argument from the pro-circumcision crowd is that it helps prevent infections. However in a de-sensitized circumcised penis, placement of a condom can result in almost complete loss of any sensation during sex, and thereby discourage condom use. It is hard to get someone to wear a condom if they can't feel pleasure during sex! Condom use is far more effective in preventing infections than any surgical procedure. Condom use does not involve surgery and rarely has complications.

There is no surgery that can prevent transmission of STDs. Only condom use or complete abstinence can do that.

Further, penile cancers are far more rare than circumcision complications.




Doesn't circumcision lower the rate of sexually transmitted diseases?

Actually since babies are not sexually active, circumcising them at birth to prevent infections is ridiculous. The greater threat is MRSA which is at epidemic levels in the United States and presents an immediate health threat to circumcised baby boys, especially in hospital nurseries. Circumcised newborn boys have an infection rate up to 6 times the rate of girls and the MRSA is difficult to treat in infants. Many infants have died from their circumcision complications.

The much better choice is to leave your baby intact and do not worry about his nature-intended state.


circumcision of baby boys



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