An excellent article on parenting in the early years.

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Ask yourself, after reading this, where infant circumcision fits in the bond between mother and infant.



Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital

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Opinion from life-intact

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I would like to share this excellent blog post with you.

I asked a fellow intactivist to write a guest post on his experiences growing up in the U.S. with an attached foreskin.  He has asked to remain anonymous, but you can follow his tumblr account here: life-intact.  This is a very moving story and I invite you to read the post in its entirety; these are the sort of stories that help change our perceptions about circumcision.

The Unspoken Aspects of having a Foreskin (the tale of how a pair of lungs and a foreskin changed my life)

My mother gave birth to me in June–two whole months before anybody expected her to.  I was the last of her children, and the only male.  As a result of my early birth and undersized lungs, I clung to life in an oxygen-enriched incubator for an extended period.

Like the vast majority of other males on this planet, I came into this world with a foreskin firmly attached to my penis.  In spite of my parents’ wishes to see me circumcised and part from my foreskin, the doctors determined that it would be too dangerous for me to undergo surgery in such a delicate state, given my condition.  I got to keep my foreskin.  In a very odd way, I was lucky.

As my life progressed, my lung capacity improved gradually throughout puberty, finally resulting in my lung capacity being within normal parameters around age 17, fortunately enough. However, even with my lung capacity at normal, I never did end up parting with my foreskin, and it wasn’t for want of my parents’ trying.

And looking back at it all, I can say that life has been interesting, growing up as a man with intact genitals in a cut culture.

I now invite you to take a categorical journey with me, starting at the beginning of my life, and progressing forward and outward.

This tale touches many interconnected aspects and parts of my life, much like the threads of a spider web.  If I were to tell all of these anecdotes chronologically, it would make little organizational sense.  It is too complicated to capture accurately in a sequential manner, because of the intricacies of this web.

At the center of the web is the start of my life, and while growing up I spiraled outward in time, touching each of those straight cross-threads as time moved forward.  For the sake of clarity and organization, I shall start from the center, the start of my life, and raconteur outward in a straight line, covering each of these threads (aspects) in a sequential manner.

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Opinion: Time to rethink the snip.

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Resource: Attorney in Atlanta specializing in wrongful circumcision and related complaints.

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In general you have only 2 years after discovery, or 2 years after your 18th birthday to seek legal remedy.