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Dr. Jerome Segal: – “Als Jude sage ich, Beschneidung ist ein barbarischer Akt“

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Article in German. Translation of the title:  "As a Jew I say that circumcision is a barbaric act."  - Dr. Jerome Segal (Wien, 5.12.12, PUR) Auch Juden brechen nun ihr Schweigen und kritisieren Beschneidung an nicht einwilligungsfähigen Babys als barbarischen Akt. Wissenschaftshistoriker ...

Charges brought against two religious circumcisers for the first time in Austria

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Submitted by: Sepp Rothwangl Criminal charge: grievous bodily harm inflicted on at least 2000 babies and small children (Vienna, 29 November 2012) – Charges are being brought against the community rabbi and mohel of the Jewish Religious Community in Vienna. The rabbi ...