The six eye-watering reasons why you should NEVER allow your son to be circumcised, by PETER LLOYD

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  • Last month, Dr Paul Turek espoused the benefits of circumcision
  • He claimed it reduces the risk of HIV and STD infection, but Peter Lloyd, author of Stand by Your Manhood, slams the advice as preposterous 
  • Like an eyelid, he says the foreskin has many functions – and its removal causes the head of the penis to harden and desensitise, like a callus
  • He also calls out feminist double-standards on the issue, claiming the frequent violation of boys is ‘systematically ignored’
  • But health experts argue the procedure reduces the prevents the spread of viral STDs, including HIV, Herpes and HPV – and also penile cancer 


Article: Circumsicion is Child Abuse and Torture.

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The people behind the knife should be behind bars for life

Beautiful, brand-new, innocent baby boys are being brutally tortured every 25 seconds in the United States.

Let’s not mince words about it. That’s what circumcision is – torture, sexual assault, genital mutilation, unconscionable child abuse, and one of the most egregious violations of human rights in history.

I understand that this blog post is going to make a lot of people angry and uncomfortable and maybe cost me a few friendships, but that is not my intent. My intent is to shed light on one of the darkest secrets of all time – one I had basically no knowledge about until a few weeks ago.

The mother of an only-daughter, I’ve really had no reason to research circumcision, so I had no idea the horrors it entailed. One of the moms in our peaceful-parenting play-date group posted about it on Facebook a lot, so I asked her what the big deal was in the park last week. She sent me a few links, and I dove in. What a can of worms…
After several sleepless nights – and nightmares during the few hours I’ve slept – I almost wish I hadn’t opened it. But if I can stop one person from allowing his or her son to become a victim of this heinous crime, it will be worth it.

To summarize what I have learned:

1. Circumcision is one of the most excruciatingly painful things that can happen to a person, and anesthesia does very little, if anything, to alleviate that pain.

2. A violent attack of that magnitude has permanent and devastating psychological effects.

3. Mutilating male genitals deprives men and women of sexual pleasure, makes it difficult for men to connect emotionally to sex, and can therefore have detrimental effects on romantic relationships.

4. Circumcision is not “Christian.” It is unethical and evil no matter what your religion – so don’t use religion as an excuse.


Article: baby dies after circumcision

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It’s happened again, yet another baby boy is dead after a botched circumcision. Circumcision continues to be a solution looking for a problem.

Article: Circumcision is about consent, not just foreskin

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On May 22, anti-circumcision advocates across America lost their battle over a 4-year-old boy’s foreskin when a Florida judge ruled that his jailed mother, Heather Hironimus, would remain incarcerated unless she signed a medical consent form allowing her former partner, Dennis Nebus, to circumcise their son. Georganne Chapin, the executive director of Intact America, an anti-circumcision advocacy group, said of the move:


It was pure bullying. It was pure coercion, pure revolting misogyny on the part of this judge to give the choice between jail indefinitely or supposedly agreeing to sign a form allowing somebody to cut off a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy part of her child’s body.

Hironimus previously signed a parenting agreement in court with her ex-partner, consenting to the circumcision of their son, Chase. However, after much research, she changed her mind and entered into a lengthy litigation, during which she took her son to a battered women’s shelter in order to avoid the court-ordered circumcision.

This case is unique. While custody battles are fairly standard in marital breakdowns, never before had a child’s foreskin been the subject of such intense debate. Focusing as it does on issues of consent and autonomy, the outcome of this case has repercussions for future conflicts regarding a procedure that most of the Western world considers unnecessary and merely aesthetic.

It wasn’t until I came to the United States that I encountered a circumcised penis. From my entirely unscientific survey undertaken over the course of a decade, I can’t figure out why Americans are so intent on discarding foreskins rather than teaching boys about hygiene and safe sex. I am British and from a medical family, and when my son was born, my (circumcised, Catholic) husband and I were opposed to performing the procedure on him for cultural reasons. My husband saw no reason his son would want to “look like Daddy,” which appears to be a remarkably common rationale for circumcising infants. Being a woman, I admit I don’t know how much time little boys spend examining their father’s genitalia, but still, it strikes me as a specious reason for cutting off a piece of your child’s body. In contrast, I can understand why someone might want to circumcise their child for medical reasons: Circumcision decreases the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and herpes. (As for religious belief, Nebus didn’t cite it as a reason for wanting to circumcise his son, so let’s leave that off the table.)

My husband and I preferred to teach our son how to clean his penis and have safe, consensual sex using condoms when appropriate. We consider this a more reliable method of preserving his sexual health and those of his future partners without needing to resort to a painful mutilation. While there is some debate on how much pain circumcision causes, after viewing several performed with and without anesthetic, I agree with Dr. Steven Lerman, a genitourinary surgeon at University of California at Los Angeles’ medical center and a respected mohel, who believes that circumcision is an extremely painful procedure for infants and adults alike.


A doctor looks back on circumcision

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While I do not perform circumcisions, I do many surgical procedures on children and adults. This part of my career makes me very aware of ethical considerations regarding necessary vs. unnecessary procedures, especially on children. As many people have pointed out before, children cannot possibly give their informed consent to have an irreversible and unnecessary surgical procedure forced upon themselves by a doctor or mojel.

A particular incident in a family member’s past brought me up close and personal with male circumcision which occurred in the 1990’s and since then I have had plenty of time to think about it.

If you are contemplating having this procedure performed on your infant or child, I have a few things for you to consider.

1. The vast majority of boys are born with a normal penis. Those that require surgical intervention are a very tiny percentage indeed. If a doctor informs you that a circumcision should be performed on your child, you should get a second and even a third opinion from a doctor who is not biased toward circumcision.

2. Babies have been born with all their body parts for hundreds of thousands of years in all types of home environments, some very primitive indeed. If someone tells you a circumcised sex organ is cleaner, ask yourself why, in thousands of years of human history now that there is soap and water available everywhere there is suddenly a hygiene problem with boys (or girls)?

3. Why do you think your son (or daughter) is not qualified to own all his (her) body parts?

I urge you to do everything possible to prevent this unwanted/unnecessary and potentially tragic procedure from being inflicted on your child.