Follow the Money...

profiting from circumcision

Hospitals can sell the purloined foreskins for research and the production of skin for grafts for burn or skin cancer patients. Put simply, hospitals and companies can make big money from the stolen foreskins while busy doctors can add $25,000 of income or more per year doing routine circumcisions. Follow the money and you will find out why the medical system continues TO THIS DAY to routinely mutilate baby boys without consequence.



What about penile cancer? Doesn't circumcision reduce it?

According to the National Cancer institute, there are 1,250 new cases of penile cancer and 290 deaths resulting from the cancer in the United States. This cancer has an extremely low incidence, and a relatively high cure rate. In fact, penile cancer is one of the least common forms of cancer in the United States. Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics nor the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics recommends the routine circumcision of infants for medical reasons, due to the overwhelming evidence that the risks of circumcision far outweigh any potential benefits.

Is any of it worth it ... ?

Doctors perform this surgery almost routinely in the US, and in many cases do not tell the parents that the surgery may result in future sexual dysfunction and impotence and may actually result in a shorter penis in adulthood. Due to the lack of available skin, it is common for pubic hair to migrate onto the penile shaft during erections in circumcised adults. Hair on the shaft can result in an uncomfortable chafing of his sex partner. The lack of skin may cause the penile skin to be so tight that erections actually become painful.

Skin bridges, a common complication of circumcision, can also result in painful erections. The older circumcised male may also become dependent on drugs such as Viagra due to the progressive loss of sensation in the circumcised penis that occurs with age. These delayed complications may never be reported simply out of ignorance. Many circumcised males simply have nothing to compare their experiences to and remain ignorant of what was stolen from them when they were helpless infants or young children.