Guys, Listen up...

ending male circumcision

Women banded together and got rid of genital alteration (cutting) for females in 1996.In fact, it was criminalized in 1997! Consequently, it simply does not happen anymore in the United States to little girls.

What happened to us? Well, boys are STILL subjected to unwanted genital surgeries in infancy and childhood. The legislation DID NOT include us. It's still OK to cut the healthy sex organ of boys for any reason, whether it is religious or "because it's cleaner."

Like I said before, we are not going to get rid of this until WE change public opinion.

How many infant boys will be subjected to unwanted genital cutting TODAY while you are reading this? Somewhere, right now a baby boy is being cut AGAINST HIS WILL!

Do something! Donate now, PLEASE, so we can change public opinion and get some legislation passed to get rid of this sex crime once and for all! We simply must Stop The Cut! is going to start with the radio and newspaper ads as soon as we can. Look for us on Sirius radio. We might even make it to Oprah! That will reach many, many women, hopefully preventing them from choosing genital cutting for their infant sons.

I'm already cut. What's in it for me? This is an easy one. There is right now a growing movement to undo the life altering effects of circumcision. Were you cut as a tiny, helpless infant? You can get back at least some of what was stolen from you at birth.

Check it out: