Mission Statement

profiting from circumcision

To disseminate the truth of the consequences of childhood circumcision to medical personnel and the general public in an effort to completely abolish this avoidable and brutal violation of basic human rights.

-Dr. Devin Savage, Director,

We will have to change the public opinion on childhood circumcision before we will be successful in getting legislation passed to protect boys from genital mutilation.


Stop the Cut Projects

  • I am placing calls to talk shows, starting with talk shows on Sirius Radio.
  • Billboard projects: We aim to support billboard projects, possibly getting the word out through our own billboards in the American Midwest, the circumcision capital of the US.
  • Major media: We support efforts to get the word out to any major media, and continue to write letters to newspapers and talk shows about infant circumcision.
  • Please consider having a bumper sticker made with our message. Contact us for a sticker, an inexpensive way to get the word out.

Please help us by donating generously. We are completely dependent on donations to get the word out.